How Can a VA Help Me?

Do you constantly feel like your to do list continues to grow, but at the end of the day you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything of value?  Running a successful online business takes a lot of time and energy.  It seems like the biggest time suckers are in the details of running a website, sending out and replying to communications from your customers, formatting reports, presentations and posts, keeping your websites fresh with new content and updates.   I haven’t even mentioned Social Media.  If you aren’t careful you can spend an hour just on Facebook or Twitter alone with the intention of just making a quick post or Tweet.

Image by QGildea (Deviantart)

If you’ve been asking yourself, how can a VA help me?  Well, the great news is there is help out there for virtually EVERY type of business.  And a Virtual Assistant actually enjoys doing the administrative and technical tasks that take up far too much of your time.  You have amazing plans for your business, products you want to launch, ebooks you want to write, trainings you want to offer, the list goes on and on.  A Virtual Assistant can be your virtual ‘computer bud’ and assist you with any of the mundane tasks you don’t enjoy doing.

Here is a list of things  a  Technical/Marketing Virtual Assistant can do for you:


Website or Blog Creation and Maintenance

We can create your WordPress website and/or blog and either maintain the site for you or turn it over to you to maintain (we would provide the training necessary for you to make updates to your site on your own).  No coding experience is necessary!  WordPress makes it very easy for everyone.  If you don’t have the desire or the time, purchase a retainer package and your assistant can make all the theme, plugin, WordPress updates needed.

Need a new page added and already have content scratched down?  Hand it off to a Virtual Assistant to create and format a new page with your content.

Social Media  Implementation and Management

It is essential for you to use social media to help promote your business.  We can help you get your accounts created and teach you how to leverage social media to reach your clients.  Social Media includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google +.

Virtual Assistants can write and schedule posts and tweets for you on a regular basis so you are still putting yourself out there without the time suck.  They can also seek out relationships for you by researching keywords and following future clients and peers.

Internet Research

You may want to know what your competitors are doing online, but just don’t have the time to do the research.  A Technical Virtual Assistant can research just about anything you need to free up your time.  Another example is you may want to know the best or cheapest tools to use for the job in question (examples would be Accounting Software, Webinar Software, etc.).  A Virtual Assistant can do the research and provide a detailed report with your options all while you are taking care of your clients.

Maybe you have a blog post you wrote, but aren’t quite sure about some of the facts you included. A Virtual Assistant can easily verify facts for you, update the post and schedule it.

Newsletters and Autoresponders

A Technical Virtual Assistant can assist you in both the creation and distribution of newsletters and emails to your client list.  You can either provide the text for them or they can create the content for you.  They can also format and insert images to make it pretty!  Virtual Assistants can setup and schedule your Autoresponders using your preferred software as well.

Formatting and Proofreading

Once you have something fabulous written, it is a drag to have to spend hours formatting and proofreading.  Why not hand this off to a Virtual Assistant?  They are experts at proofing and formatting reports, blog posts, ebooks, you name it!  This is such an easy one to outsource and, depending on your project, may only take about an hours time for someone else to do and well worth the money.

Email Management

Reading and replying to email messages is another huge time consuming activity every online business owner must do.  You really want to reply with heartfelt responses and provide great customer service to your clients, but this could be hurting your business.  If you outsource your email management to a Virtual Assistant, you will be amazed how freeing it is.  They will respond very professionally as you would and provide great customer service. The biggest benefit here is that Virtual Assistants won’t over-analyze the communication and provide unnecessary details like a vested business owner might.  Therefore, the communications happen quicker and less time is wasted and you can focus on creating products that will make you money!

Shopping Cart Management

A VA can take care of setting up new products in your shopping cart each month. They can also setup the autoresponders customized for each product to ensure your clients are getting a personal experience based on their purchase.

Affiliate Management

Affiliates are a great way to get your products out there, but they can be time consuming to manage. A Virtual Assistant can setup the affiliates in your affiliate center and add promo items for you. They can also provide customer service to your affiliates as well as send payments on time.

Overall Testing

You want your clients and potential clients to have a seamless experience during their visit to your website and purchase process. A virtual assistant can provide testing for you and document the process so you know your clients have the best purchase experience through you.

Custom Projects 

Don’t be afraid to ask for custom services.  Maybe you need help formatting a spreadsheet or you’re having trouble getting your email signature just right, a Technical Virtual Assistant can certainly help you!

There are many reasons small business owners can’t and shouldn’t do it all themselves.  Save your precious time to work on things that are most important to you and your business.  Head over to the Packages page to find one that’s right for you. Also learn me about me and what I have to offer at the Interview With Tanya page.