Interview with Tanya

How did you get started as a Virtual Assistant?

I started Virtual Mindworks in 2012 after spending 11 years in corporate Information Technology helping customers translate their business needs into technical requirements for their websites and applications. While I enjoyed the work, I didn’t enjoy wasting time which typically happens in those type of environments (meetings about meetings :-)). So I went searching for something more and found myself drawn to entrepreneurs. I have always enjoyed working online and I am usually the one my family or friends go to for technical help. I realized that I could make a career out of helping people do what I already love to do. It’s a win win! I take pride in helping passionate entrepreneurs manage the technical tasks necessary to run a successful online business.


Who do you love working with?

I love working with entrepreneurs that thrive on helping others. They love the flexibility of working from home and trust others to support them and their business. Ideally, my clients are successful men or women that have been in business for at least 2 years and are earning a consistent income and, of course, have plenty of work to hand off to me! Here are some examples of people that I have partnered with:

Virtual Assistants | Business Coaches | Internet Marketers | Health & Wellness Coaches | Life Coaches | Technology Professionals


What type of work do you love doing?

I’m definitely a left brain type of person and a bit of an introvert, so I really enjoy analyzing and configuring all different types of software (plugins, online tools) for my clients. This is why I really enjoy working in WordPress, Infusionsoft and Amember. I love making my clients lives easier by streamlining processes for them or by taking the tasks off their hands completely. I also enjoy testing software and processes to ensure it makes the most sense for the consumer.


What type of services do you offer?

I offer 4 types of internet marketing packages to choose from. Each of them can be customized to fit your unique needs.

1.  WORDPRESS MAINTENANCE Package – For those that no longer want to handle their WordPress backups and updates and are looking for someone to handle it all of them.

2. STARTER Package – For those that have been running a business for couple of years and are ready to hand off routine tasks throughout the month such as website maintenance, autoresponders and shopping cart setup.

3. RELIEF Package – For those that have been in business for several years and are ready to partner with someone that can assist with program/product launches, affiliate management and other technical maintenance tasks throughout the month.

4. ADVANTAGE Package – For those that are very successful in their business and require someone to be fully engaged in their online business to push projects along , communicate with their team in addition to handling the technical and marketing maintenance tasks.


Do you offer hourly packages?  If not, how do the packages work?

I have transitioned over to a monthly retainer package model. Working in this way is not for everybody, but it certainly has its advantages.  It is in the best interest of my clients since they no longer have to stress about how long things will take me.  They don’t have to wonder what my bill will be at the end of the month after handing over their to-do list. This way they know (and I know) they are paying a certain amount each month and that’s it. I understand some months may be busier than others depending on what’s happening in their business. The packages are really based on the clients profile and their real monthly business needs. Once we fit you into a package, we will give it a try for 3 months. If an adjustment needs to be made as far as which package fits you best we have the flexibility to do that. I understand that online business is ever-evolving, so the packages are really tailored to fit your needs.


What would your past or current clients say about you?

My clients would say that I am easy to work with, reliable and detail oriented. They really appreciate my responsiveness and my thoroughness when it comes to working on their projects. If they send me a list of tasks to complete, they feel confident that I will get it done and get it done above their expectations. They also like the fact that I will offer up any suggestions that may make things easier or flow better in their business. You can also visit my Testimonials page to see real feedback from current and past clients. Feel free to contact any of them with your questions on what it is like to work with me.


What is the next step if I decide I want to hire you?

The next step is to ensure that you have read through this page thoroughly so that you get a good feel of how I work and who I am. If you feel we would be a good fit, it is time to set up a 20-minute get acquainted call with me so we can discuss your business needs further. At that time we will go through 5 questions (which I will send you in advance of our call) that will help identify how my services can best be utilized in your business. This should give us enough time to decide whether we are a good fit. If we decide to move forward, I will create a retainer agreement for you to sign and we will get started on our journey achieving your business goals.


Can I contact you if I have specific questions about your services?

Of course! You can use my Contact Me form and send me any questions you might have.  I look forward to hearing from you!

If you know you are ready to move forward, then let’s get to work! Click here to schedule your 20-Minute Get Acquainted Call.