Tools I Use

Here is a list of my favorite tools that I use for my clients as well as my own site(s). They all save me time and keep me organized. I hope they will do the same for you. I will be updating this list as I find new tools that I love. Tools I Use in my Virtual Assistant BusinessYou’ll notice that on some of them I have my affiliate links (which means I may get a commission if you end up purchasing), but I also give you the option to click on the non-affiliate link if you’d prefer that I not get the commission. I believe in these tools and I know they can help you, so I would highly recommend them even without the commission. 🙂



Freshbooks (affiliate link) or Freshbooks  (non-affiliate link)

Freshbooks makes it so easy to track your time and invoice your clients.  It’s all done in one system.  You can also track your expenses and connect it with PayPal and your bank account for automatic updating.  Come tax time, all I need to do is run a few reports and send it off to my accountant.  Easy!  My clients also love the invoicing system because it makes it so easy and secure for them to pay.  They can either use their credit card or pay via PayPal.  It is by far the most popular system out there used by virtual assistants.  Click the link above to get a free 30 day trial.



Aweber (affiliate link) or Aweber (non-affiliate link)

There are many autoresponders available to you, but the best one to start off with is Aweber. I use Aweber for my email marketing because it is so easy and affordable. You can get your first month for only $1.


Content for Your Blog or Website

If you haven’t heard of PLR (Private Label Rights) before, it is a great option to help you create content for your blog when you are strapped for time (which most of us are).  I am always focused on client work, so PLR is a great help for me to get started with my blog posts.  I change the wording to sound like my voice, of course, but it really does save me a ton of time.  I highly recommend the PLR from the following sites:

–  All Private Label Content (affiliate link) or All Private Label Content (non-affiliate link)

–  CoachGlue (affiliate link) or CoachGlue (non-affiliate link)

–  DIYplr (affiliate link) or DIYplr (non-affiliate link)

–  PLR Plugins (affiliate link) or PLR Plugins (non-affiliate link)


File Storage

Dropbox (affiliate link) or Dropbox (non-affiliate link)

I am really not sure if I could live without Dropbox.  I was able to use the free version for 2 years until I upgraded to the Pro version.  It is SO easy to share files with clients and I love keeping all my business documents out there where I can view them from anywhere — cell phone, ipad, laptop.  The extra bonus is that I just bought a new computer (a Mac) and all my files were easily accessible in Dropbox.


Project Management

There are a lot of tools out there for project management/task management.  I have used Asana for myself and Basecamp for client work. They both work quite well and are easy to organize.  Both offer free versions and trials.

–  Asana

–  Basecamp


Website Backups

Backup Buddy (affiliate link) or Backup Buddy (non-affiliate link)

I install this plugin on every site I support.  Backup Buddy makes it easy to schedule reliable backups.  I wouldn’t recommend another plugin for this purpose.


Website Hosting

Bluehost (affiliate link) or Bluehost (non-affiliate link)

Bluehost has amazing customer service.  Every time I call (whether for my own or my clients’ sites) they are always more than willing to help me out with any questions I might have.


Website Themes

Elegant Themes (affiliate link) or Elegant Themes (non-affiliate link)

I use Elegant Themes on my own site currently.  They do have a great support forum — I have asked countless questions about customizing my site and my clients.

 iThemes Builder (affiliate link) or iThemes Builder (non-affiliate link)

I used this theme on a couple of client sites and they have turned out great.  They are really flexible and easy to customize.