How to Use Facebook in Your Business Checklist {Series Part 4 of 4}

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To do listTo conclude the series on How to Use Facebook in Your Business, here is a comprehensive checklist to run through to make sure you are using Facebook to its fullest potential for your business.  

I know I haven’t done all of the things on this list, but I hope to continue to try new things and see what works and what doesn’t for my business (that is when I’m not busy taking care of my clients!)  You should try to do the same and experiment with things as time allows!  🙂

Followers and Target Market

  I have identified my typical followers, allowing me to target my content to those who will find great VALUE in my posts.

  I have created a Facebook Page for my business and I’m tracking the following:

   How many likes are on my page

   The percentage of those who actually engage regularly with comments

   What are my base demographics

   My Page Views

   What type of posts seem to trigger the strongest engagement, including:








  Other ______________

   Recommendations or reviews they share

   Strongest complaints (then offer assistance)

   Unsolved problems or major pain points (offer useful advice or assistance)

   What makes them genuinely excited and happy

   What time of day they regularly visit Facebook

  Other __________________

  I have put serious thought into what type of Facebook content engages and pleases them the most

  I have included calls to action, encouraging Fans to interact with my Page

  I am incorporating Facebook Notes into my Facebook content mix (using blog posts or informational content)

  Reviewing my fan base (and any growth, decline or changes)

  Multi-media patterns (views of non-text-based content I post or share)

  I am focused on attracting targeted Facebook followers and growing my fan base


  I am incorporating links to my own YouTube videos to generate traffic

  I am incorporating links to my blog to increase my website traffic

  I have considered and explored using Facebook Apps to enhance Fan enjoyment of my page:





  Virtual gifts


  Viral apps

  Custom apps __________________

  Other ________________________

 I am actively promoting my Facebook Page with:

 Cross posts from other social networks

 An online and offline Press Release campaign introducing my new or updated Facebook Page

 Geo-targeted keywords, if relevant, to encourage offline potential followers to find my business online


  I have considered Facebook paid Advertising and evaluated whether or not it would be a good fit for my Facebook presence at this time

  I have established a base line of existing User stats, so I can accurately measure and assess the impact of adding a Facebook Ad

  I have established my advertising goal for a particular Facebook campaign as well as my daily budget

  I have decided to use:

Cost per click (only charged when someone clicks on your ad)

Cost per impression (charged for when people see your ad)

I am setting up a plan for regular monitoring, tracking and tweaking

I am aware that Facebook interaction is conversational.  I have a plan to help my ad feel natural and helpful, rather than intrusive.

I am paying close attention to:

  Response per post

  Fan posts, and their trends


  I am using Facebook Insights to track my metrics, and familiarizing myself with its dashboard

  I have added Insights for Websites to my tracking metrics

  I have familiarized myself with the latest changes, and I understand them

  I am integrating social search through Facebook with SEO from my other websites or online marketing presences

I am practicing a mindset of habitually looking for ways to leverage my business on Facebook!

Congratulations for doing the work.  If you have any questions, remember you can look back at the series for a more in depth explanation or send me an email anytime.

Now reply with a link to your Facebook page so others can visit and ‘Like’ your page.   Don’t forget to visit my Facebook page as well! 🙂

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